Ten years ago when Jenam was launched, I had no idea about the remarkable journey I was about to embark on. It wasn’t difficult deciding on the Jenam brand name. Amy, our youngest daughter was three at the time and so we shortened and joined both our names and Jen-Am was born. For the last decade I have loved developing Jenam gifting and I am delighted that the brand has made its way into so many households and into the hearts of our customers.

We are now delighted to introduce Amz Loves, a range which is inspired by Amy and the things she loves. This is the beginning of a new decade, for the next generation. The range will delight your senses with scents of vanilla, meringues, marshmallows and toffee, just to name a few. The products are edgy, trendy and fun, aimed at the young at heart and girls with a zest for life.

Confident and full of youthful fun, Amz Loves is perfectly set to be a brand success on its own and perfectly poised to take this market by storm! Enjoy

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